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Break Free of Constant Grading and Rating
February 9, 2024 • 3 MIN
Break free of the constant need to grade and rate everything. Most teachers’ response to anything new is to grade it, they are trained for judging in their jobs. When a person’s first response is to be critical, there’s no chance for change or growth in their life...
Summer Fizz - Refreshing Strawberry Rhubarb Soda
August 2, 2023 • 6 MIN
Fermented drinks and fermented foods have definitely improved my digestion and overall tummy comfort. I’m going to share a favourite fermented soda recipe I’ve had fun creating. It’s such a lively summer flavour, I thought you might enjoy it...
Life Memories and Mulberries
July 3, 2023 • 4 MIN
Have you ever had the opportunity to go berry picking? I’m not talking about the little packages of berries you’d pick up at the store. I used to do a lot of berry picking when I was young, and it was a favourite activity...
Do Foods We Eat Fill A Void Or Feed Our Body?
March 23, 2023 • 5 MIN
How do we analyze what is good or bad for us? How do you feel after eating or drinking certain foods? We all have some foods that upset our stomach and our gut. Hurry, hurry, hurry. We do that a lot. Were you calm and able to enjoy the meal? Or upset and...
Struggling In Life - Do We Rise Up Or Give Up
September 17, 2022 • 9 MIN
I've been moving through my own struggles in life. I was living with a lot of swelling and pain in my body, and I've learned a lot. We think we've looked at everything and healer type people are supposed to be perfect and always healthy. Well, gosh, every one of us has stuff! There can be speed bumps that you don't expect...
Judgy Fear Hurts Relationships
December 10, 2021 • 8 MIN
We humans are built to connect with each other. Our friends, our family, our associates we work with. Even the people behind the cash register when we're out at stores and in the community. I'm not sure how we can get quickly caught up in judgment...
Clarity In Chatting
November 9, 2021 • 4 MIN
The family we're raised in can leave us with a warped view of normal life. When we start to chat in sessions, we're opening up that conversation and letting information flow. Nine times out of ten, we make a leap forward into another file that needs to be looked at and cleared of some sort of garbage stuck in our mental databank.
Faith Or Fear In Our Life
May 28, 2021 • 4 MIN
How would we describe our life in general? There is a lot going on. Are we comfortable in our choices, in our views? Is there calmness and peace in our environment? I'm not so sure...
The Value Of Women
February 12, 2021 • 5 MIN
So many women have never realized their true value and accepted all that they bring to the table. Often we've been taught, by previous generations or in our family, how useless and worthless we are. Or that our values and our thoughts and our opinions mean nothing...
Loving Animals and Caring For Others
November 28, 2020 • 3 MIN
I grew up with animals, I loved them and they were my friends. We always had a cat and dog but around 8 years of age I was thrilled the moment I rode a friend's pony. I asked my father if we could get a pony and he told me if we did, I would be responsible for the care and feeding of the pony. I became a caretaker for many...
Fall Clean Up and Inner Peace
November 11, 2020 • 3 MIN
When you were a child, did you ever get to dive into piles of leaves in Autumn? When I was a kid it was a blast, diving through the air, landing in a huge pile of soft, dry leaves. As Adults we don't find it such a blast because we rake leaves to clean up the yard...
Functional Hands and Green Tomatoes
September 29, 2020 • 5 MIN
Have you ever considered how important it is for your hands to function? Or do you just assume they're going to keep on working exactly as they have? You may be lucky and yours have always worked well, but until recently mine were fine. I learned a lesson a few years back...
Commitment In Our Life
September 17, 2020 • 6 MIN
What's your level of commitment in life? Do you jump in when you commit to something and are ready to go, ready to see it through? No doubts, no resistance, just "Let's get it done!" or "Let's meet, let's do this!" Or are you a reluctant one?
Build A Strong Relationship
September 5, 2020 • 4 MIN
How is your relationship going? Is it easy and smooth or are you having some challenges? I've been hearing about people going through really emotional roller coasters with online dating...
Chompers In The Garden
August 13, 2020 • 7 MIN
My adventure today involved wandering outside to check on our tomato plants we've been growing this summer. We've been enjoying having fresh tomatoes again and some cucumbers. I was out having a look and noticed some branches getting a bit black on the edges. I thought “Something's going on” and I went to start trimming off a little bit of a few branches on one plant...
Mixed Beans and A Howling Cat
August 4, 2020 • 4 MIN
Have you ever been really excited to get something, then let down when it actually turned out to be something else? Yesterday I started preparing a mixed bean salad with a variety of vegetables. After making the salad dressing, I cut up lots of vegetables. It was quiet in the kitchen, a little Zen time as I sliced and diced the fresh produce. Next job was to open a can of bean medley, a fancy name for mixed beans. You've probably heard the expression "open up a can of worms", well I was about to open up a can of beans!
Handling a Handle
July 26, 2020 • 5 MIN
I'm going to share a story about how I handled a handle. It started months ago. We were having trouble with the handle on the back of our car. It's for the liftgate on our hatchback, so it’s a pretty important handle for any job where you need to put something into the back of the car. It had partly broken, was half attached and felt very fragile. Every time I had to pull that handle, I wondered if it would snap off in my hand...
Memories and Mulberries
July 7, 2020 • 4 MIN
Have you ever had the opportunity to go berry picking? I don't mean the kind that you'd pick up at the store. I used to do a lot of berry picking when I was young, and it was a favorite activity. It usually also involved a chance to go out for a picnic with my mom and grandfather...
Having Awareness And Perception
July 5, 2020 • 3 MIN
Being sensitive is not a weakness! Awareness and perception are our early warning system and a good thing to strengthen more and more. It’s not a weakness to be sensitive to the energy around us and notice what we feel...
Life Lessons In A Vegetable Garden
July 3, 2020 • 3 MIN
My Mother was an amazing cook who managed to feed a family of seven very well despite her limited budget. Her large vegetable garden provided heaps of vegetables in summer and delicious pickles all year. As a child I helped prepare, plant and harvest vegetables from that garden every summer...
Changing Times
July 2, 2020 • 3 MIN
Hi, my name is Julia Grace McCammon. Have you been going through some challenges in all these changing times in recent months? Me too. It's interesting to see what shows up for for myself and for other folks and how we observe things, and whether we get the clues or messages of how we can move forward. It certainly is a time of flexibility that's really required to get through...